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Matt Hotch’s creation…Bike or Not?

Big Wheels keep on turning...

Big Wheels keep on turning…

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Idling.. on hold.. looking for…

Hi folks – SteveB here, admin, proprietor, what have you – @ 45dgree.

I’ve not paid much attention to this project for quite some time, due to a host of factors. If you have any good ideas, want to do something, or are interested in getting in touch, you can reach me at: steveb (@) steveb.biz

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Canary in the coal mine

The AHDRA is gone, kaput – out of business – the 2013 Series has been cancelled.

No matter your take on politics or personality, it’s a shame that while we were all watching the latest TV chopper kookiness and faux-competitions, a real, genuine organization that helped promote American manufacturing and VTwin performance faded from view.

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Ya just dont see many of these soldiers in the field anymore, kind of like the rotary dialing phone, they’ve faded from the scene, replaced by things that are, ahem, “better”.
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Making Tools by Alan Kraus/ Kraus Motor Company

I am often in need of special tools that are not available in the marketplace, or when they are, come from unreliable sources and have very poor specs. Recently I have been tooling up our CNC milling machine with quick change tool holders based on the neat Tormach system that utilizes a R8 precision ¾ inch collet in the spindle and tool holders with ¾” shafts and a locating ring for precise and repeatable tool lengths. We have a good collection of holders here at Kraus Motor Co, but I am always in need of more for specialized applications. So I decided to make my own. I started by choosing the right material for the tools. Continue reading

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RIVCO: delivering a horn that honks

This gallery contains 17 photos.

My Street Glide’s stock OEM horn had finally given up the ghost for good. What had at least passed for a lame flock of ducks had deteriorated into the bleating of a lone ewe then finally a frog and then … Continue reading

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Dream Ride – Let’s Go Trippin’! by Kustom Jeff Dailey

Do you have a trip that you’ve always wanted to take and are always looking for info about? Is there that one road you want to ride from one end to the other? Some people are fortunate enough to be able to arrange things to make these rides happen, and some of us keep on dreaming. If things go right, it happens, but we have to handle the things that we’ve accepted responsibility for first. Until then we keep on dreaming and planning, and the dream I keep having is to ride Route 66 from Chicago to California. Continue reading

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Custom Design Studio: on cleanliness

I’m Kirk Taylor and my shop, Custom Design Studios, has been in business since 1988. We started by satisfying the needs of the motorcycle community because there weren’t many good, reliable painters in this area. Now, by way of background, I grew up in a machine shop where Pops was making Springer and Girder front ends back in the 70′s – so to dispel a common myth… I’m not just a bike painter. I do complete custom fabrication work, ground up customs and just about everything in between, including service – to pay the landlord. Continue reading

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Tank fabrication @ Eastern Fabrications. Pt2

This gallery contains 60 photos.

Previously, we made a wooden buck for building our tank, now the fun begins. Select the material you want to use for the tank. Options commonly include steel, aluminum, and copper. Selection depends partially on your skill level. If you … Continue reading

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the state of 45dgree in 1000 words

So, you’ve probably noticed, 45dgree is kind of freewheeling…coasting.. the question begs – what’s the story?

When I launched 45dgree some years ago its mission was clear: it was a photo site I decided to have more control over my portfolio of Motorcycle and Abandoned America images, because I’d outgrown Flickr.

We’re all ears at 45dgree

Continue reading

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Gas tank fabrication at Eastern Fabrications: Part 1

Shaping your tank, making your buck/ Part 1 Continue reading

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The Northwest’s Coast Road: US-101 by 8 Ball Brian

Virtually everyone has heard of Route 66, or Highway 101 in California.  They are both great and legendary roads, don’t get me wrong.  But let me tell you about the other end of the “101”.


Continue reading

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Proper Gasket Installation – the James Gasket way

Gasket Installation Techniques and Considerations
In these tough economic times, many riders are choosing to service their bikes at home rather than take them to their local shop or dealership. This can be a way to save a few bucks on labor. Keep in mind though, a qualified mechanic at a reputable shop will back his or her work which will give you piece of mind down the road, if your skills are sketchy. Continue reading

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the Strainer_POTD

Seen in Brooklyn 2011


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Rockstar by Steve Kelly Photography

Russell Mitchell and his Exile crew first met the Rockstar Energy Drink guys during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, back in 2005.  They immediately hit it off, and enjoyed a combined weeklong reign of terror in the notoriously raucous, Full Throttle Saloon. (A.K.A, The World’s Largest Biker Bar).  Russell renamed Rockstar’s main protagonists Craig and Jordan, as ‘’Bill and Ted.’’ Continue reading

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Lil’ Blackie by 8 Ball Brian


Lil’ Blackie

By 8 Ball Brian

Have you ever had or ridden; a bike that was just sweet as hell to look at, wicked fast in a straight line, but could become just plain wicked going down the road?  I used to have one.  A chopped ‘70 Norton Commando, that I called  “Lil’ Blackie”. Continue reading

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