Keeping Up with Jones by Rob Campbell

Like I said Monday, I’ve never actually made it to one of these things. The fact is, I really like riding alone or with a few friends. I’ve had fun a time or two on larger rides with lots of people, but generally I’m not out for a social call, I’m out to get some wind on me.

So the bike blessing turns out, in my limited understanding, to be a social gathering where bikes and blessings meet, with perhaps some steak and spirits to loosen the social flow a bit. It’s been pointed out that the ride itself often takes a spiritual dimension, which I believe to be true; consider how refreshed and de-stressed one feels when riding, or afterward. Even if you’re out there pushing the edges and finding your limits, there is a freeing of the mind and spirit that happens when out on two wheels.

Thinking is an entirely secondary concern for me during the best rides, which puts me right out of the picture while simultaneously in the middle of it.

Yeah, it ain’t always that way, but once in a while is pretty good.

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