The Wampus – a 1.5″ belt for your classy self

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For you,  a custom, one-off belt, ready to be tailored to your waist measurements – around the brass buckle pictured. Using the diagram I have provided. you give me a measurement and I will tailor the belt to your size, before it is shipped to you….

The Wampus has a wild mahogany and golden brown kind of coloration. It is very cool, very different and kind of subtle in a uniquely obvious way- it also has my usual black edge and white thread..this is a heavy duty belt, made from 12oz Domestically tanned leather.!

The Wampus has a brass keeper, that holds the tip of the belt (the billet).
This belt has been cut from the very best domestically made 12oz (very thick), vegetable tanned leather. The belt is lined with mission grain pigskin and stitched with domestically sourced nylon thread, giving it a resilience to stretching, sweating and wear. I use only the best dyes, hardware and threads – and a ton of information is available on my web site.
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This year I started sandwiching a strip of vinyl – that doesn’t stretch – ever – and never loses its integrity – in the center of the belt, between the veg tan and the mission grain pigskin on the first 8″ of the belt. The billet on belt is the part that takes the real beating and mine will will never stretch, it will never deform! Want to bet my peers begin introducing this “new” innovation – ha! Honestly, I got the sandwich idea from the way luggage is constructed. it adds some complexity in assembling and stitching, but its worth it, this belt will be bullet proof.

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DETAILS of this belt:
The Wampus is 15″ wide, the buckle is solid brass. OR – I can use your own buckle if it will accept a thick 1.75″ belt billet… I attach the buckle with Chicago screws so if you ever want to change up the buckle on your own, you’ll be able to. I have to say – the buckle that I am including is really nice – the same stuff that a few fancy pants hand bag makers use, – so you might just want to leave it be.
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I also make knife and tool sheaths from heavy weight vegetable tanned cowhide. I’ve made guitar straps, leashes and wristbands – all with a different look and design as your commonly used to seeing. If you’re looking for something you don’t see, ask. I am always up for a challenge, within reason.

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