RIVCO: delivering a horn that honks

My Street Glide’s stock OEM horn had finally given up the ghost for good. What had at least passed for a lame flock of ducks had deteriorated into the bleating of a lone ewe then finally a frog and then nothing. I yelled and screamed at foolish motorists wanting to knock me from my bike and as satisfying as that was on a visceral level, I got some strange glances from those around me.  Make no mistake, my voice was heard, but it really isn’t the right way to go about things in a traffic situation, know what I mean? I was decidedly not representing, as a brand ambassador of the marque should!

So the way I see it, the idea of a horn is to be heard and so I went big, I went to RIVCO, makers of all things accessory for motorcycles and perused the catalog of high quality offerings. Not being satisfied with the catalogs information I met up with JP, RIVCO man on the ground in Anamosa, IA while at the J&P Open and he smartly spec’d the AHHD horn for my road barge. The horn arrived in beauteous satin black, just as I’d ordered.

Being fastidious and careful types with our machines, Daddio and I spent about an hour and a half, routing all wires, hoses intelligently and securely around Project Shiny Penny. Take your time, this isn’t rocket science, it simply a test of your fortitude and patience – do it right, do it once and secure all pieces according to common sense and you’ll be done.

Well we were done, air horn deflectors attached, key on, Daddio hits the horn button lightly – holy mother of Al Franken – we both jump back, (fall on our butts actually) at the sound of the ear splitting piercing blast of the ol’ RIVCO horn.  I suspect that being heard will no longer be an issue when navigating highway traffic and rigs. Exactly what the doctor ordered, thanks RIVCO This is one loud horn that looks good, mounts up easily and will give those texting/cell phoner’s who’ve earned it – a surprising wake up call.

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Words & Images: Stephen Berner:

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