Abandoned America 2

Every Day Low Price

Well, there seems no lack of opportunity in regards to pursuing this body of work. All around me I see the shuttering of small concerns, and to be honest I am concerned. If folks stop spending, or when they do spend, only pursue the EDLP, I think we might be screwed. I can see our future clearly if we continue to barrel down this path

One store per town – a big box of a store that will provide you with: your morning coffee (drive up of course) bank, pharmacy, household items, food, hardware – everything you need….but really what exactly is this convenience and pursuit of a bargain giving us? Not much in my so humble opinion.

Does the big box scenario sound familiar? Well it should. And ya know what? We are going to get what we deserve if we dont start supporting our local businesses in a more substantive manner. I personally used to begrudge my local retailers the few bucks if they couldn’t match an internet stores price.. and I’d buy that thing online for EDLP. Well know what? My local guy disappeared, his business shuttered, presenting a “For Lease” sign to the world.

Made me think, yes it did. I took a closer look at my own actions and saw room to improve and to start really walking the walk. I no longer mind my  local guy being a buck or two higher in cost, it is worth it to me to have him stay in the community and survive (if not thrive). If he survives my community gets the tax money, i get the convenience, the store stays rented, the part time jobs he provides to local kids continues… all good. The cost? A few bucks. Be honest now – its not so much in the grand scheme of things, eh?

Good investment in my opinion. Support your local businesses  and craftsman – they need you! And YOU need them, believe it or not. – steveb

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