Pleasure Beach .1

I like investigating and recording the state of all sorts of sites, from industrial wastelands to residential oddities. Finding these locations is tricky, and getting images of them is often even trickier.

I was told about Pleasure Beach, a nearby site, from another photog who has a great deal of experience in working with these sites. I was given a heads up to see it soon, if i was planning to see it at all.  In advance, I did a little research using Google satelite images, Windows Live Picture maps and some blog sniffing.

This is one hell of a story that never really got much play (and it really needs to, there is a billion dollar agenda at play here). I thought it strange. I felt like I had to take a look-see. First kind of decent day weather-wise, I made my way to this location and wanted to share what I found and how it made me feel…my take away..per se.

First off – getting to this place is a slog, it is an adventure, it is a hike. 25min into the hike – I realize I left my water in the car…nice! As I approached the town, i felt my spirits sink into a glum funk, that stayed with me for a day or two after my visit. What did I see?

A fantastic secluded beach side community that at one time had been a real, genuine chunk of heaven. Today? – a number of structures have been burned (there are many houses left intact and standing), all have been deeply vandalized and many of the structures are terminally ruined due to weather penetration – since all of the windows in every structure on the island have been broken.

Knucklehead idiots have spray painted their idiocy’s all over the island, lending it the air of a teen party gone horribly wrong. Every single structure has been ripped up, apart, broken down and out…it is a really sad and pathetic sight that has left me wondering….whose  kids did this?

This was my first visit to Pleasure Beach (May 2009), I returned here about 6mos later to see what had happened..those images will follow.

– stephen berner