Plume & Atwood

Plume & Atwood is an abandoned brassworks in Thomaston CT.

March 2010

Did my first 2 wheeled overnighter of the season this weekend.
Somehow for this non-sports guy it seems right that I am opening “my “season the same time as baseball. Play ball I say – yea!

Early this morning, coming down from the Northern regions of my chosen state after my familial visits were accomplished, I descended into the Valley, as it has come to be known.

The Valley is equal parts beautiful and blighted – and its near my part of my world. I’d imagine 100 years ago this was as toxic and nasty a place as the modern world had to offer. There were brassworks or all sorts and factory’s were plentiful and the Valley offered much in the way of industry and opportunity – but not anymore, that was along time ago, so it would appear by my studious accounts.

I have been studying the Valley through my camera’s lens and slowly making my way through visiting the long list of shuttered concerns – today I visited Plume & Atwood. I made my visit, paid my respects and continued on my way. I can’t say I felt good after my visit. Another ancient part of our past being systematically dismantled.  People worked there….

Piloting the Shiny Penny through the most Northern parts of the Valley on Rte 8, a two rural 4-lane “interstatey” kind of road, on this early Sunday AM, 730, 50 degrees, with a nice chilling moisture in the air that made you ponder another layer  and say “no way”, – I couldn’t help but reflect on how much I really enjoy being on 2 wheels, on the road, alone in the early AM – with a few hours ahead of me.

Thinking back on it, there is something magical about being on the road at 0-dark thirty, 2800rpm in 5th gear maintaining a cruising attitude of 65mph. The machine is digging the cooling air and your rock steady hand on the lever, your head is appreciating the killer Dave Brubeck, a smooth rendition of Take Five on the “stereo” and there is not another vehicle in sight – ahead or behind.  Yes.

You got everything you need at that moment. You could have more: speed, traffic, company, noise and danger – but you don’t, and you’re cool with it – it’s all good.

Visits to Abandoned America generally put me in a weird kind of ponderous modern-man guilt funk – but today being a bright and sunshine-y day – I couldn’t help but see blue sky.
Springs here, full steam ahead.

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