The Circle Dot

You’ve all heard me rant and rave and carry on about how we should support our local business. I think it is really important if we want to retain some semblance of uniqueness to our individual towns and villages.

I would hate to see this country keep on the path of developing and approving the building of strip malls and other bland stretches of commercial stuff in our towns, killing off the “taste” of a place. BK’s and Mickey D’s, Friendly’s might be the fare we prefer – but it is turning our world into a crap fest.

Well this is one of those little local places that has had its days in the sun…and they are long past. I have passed by here for years, never seeing the Circle Dot open… Finally stopped with camera in hand when i saw a for sale sign on the front of the property. i know that can only mean one thing. ..a back hoe and a bulldozer. I walked around found a door open captured a few images and went on my way. I am sure it wont be here when i pass by next time.

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