Tungsten Filament Plant

Amazing that there are businesses that can exist (or they used to exist anyway!) that did things like make flints for lighters, or in the case of this plant – tungsten filaments for incandescent light bulbs.

You know the little wire that glows in a incandescent bulb? Well, thats what they made here. I’d venture to guess they made a frig load of them in this lovely location near the water on the outskirts of what is now, a heavily populated fancy pants town.

During “The War” this was a hopping place that made these things for a wide variety of military usages. Remember that armaments were becoming a lot more sophisticated (read: electronic) and these types of nasty cruel things need readouts, and in most instances back then, a readout was a light (binary:on/off).

So anyway, you know where this is going. As environmental regs became something these types of firms needed to contend with, they bailed in one way shape or form. I’ve ranted and raved about the injustice of that shit in other posts, but suffice it to say. These places are “big messes”. The EPA has identified them as “brown sites” and dangerous places that require abatement. Taxpayers (you and me) pay to have this shit cleaned up at a huge expense.

On the other hand homeless, illegals, skaters, graffiti artists and vandals have also shown an interest in this place and places like this.

I have to tell you, I see a lot of places like this and just pass them by. Generally speaking, they’re too opened up, too remote (no neighbors) and the people who live nearby or walk by, just keep their heads down when they pass places like this and quicken their step..none of them speak English….. You could be getting beat to shit in front of them and they will pass right by and not do one single thing – uh huh. Want to to bet me on this?

So if you are contemplating going into one of these “easy, no big deal spots” pass it by asshole, …there is nothing in these places but trouble and it is really easy to come upon it…. look at my pretty pictures and go no further – ok?

But this was a rare and unusual occurrence – see,  I was accompanied to this location by a friend of mine who can go into places like this prepared, armed and informed. He knew of this spot and escorted me safely around. In all my times going into hostile environments, it was the first time I’ve ever had a protective escort, one who is the member of the worlds largest gang – law enforcement.

It was pretty cool, for the first time in many years i got lost in my viewfinder and just enjoyed where i was and my subject matter in the moment and I wasn’t on hyper-alert, worrying about getting my shit stolen, me getting beat up or killed. I’d like to say thanks C, that was cool!

So this was a bad place to be, they are digging up all of the earth around these buildings and doing the “plastic sheet” thing. They will either take this soil (15ft and deeper down) off site or incinerate it here, but either way, the ground stinks like solvents and this place is fucked – salted earth – truly is, I don’t care what the science will EVER say.

Anyway you slice it.  I can see a condo complex here, full of children running around in 15 years, after its deemed safe. The location is too good, residential density requires this place be developed  and  the train that commuters take into NYC is not too far away – guaranteeing this will be happen.

Good luck with that oh ye future generations – sorry me & my generation have been so irresponsible.


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