Abandoned America: Winsted Furniture Company by Stephen Berner

Found this beauty of a building and a location on a two-wheeled adventure with my friend John. I promised myself to come back with gear in hand, it looked juicy.  And I know from hard-earned experience that most folks are not willing to stop whatever it is they are doing and skulk around scary abandoned locations whilst I indulge my yah-yah’s – I dont even bother asking anymore, Ijust come back hoping it is still available for my dissection. In these situations, ya got to have the philosophy of…”if it was meant to be, it will be.

This raggedy-ass eyesore of a building, is in the center of town,  was once a thriving manufacturing and retail center as I can tell. The location being on the Mad River allowed it to be water powered, a common trait amongst industrial buildings of this era, although the waterworks is long gone. Most recently it has been taken over by vandals, homeless and other indigents after a failed/stalled restoration by the owner.

Whoever is going to move on it , better do it soon, the elements are encroaching, already leaving their indelible mark. It’s a shame, the town is cute, the location is great and the building has so much promise, it’s sad we cant get it together enough to save buildings like this.

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