An amazing bike, Jon’s special construction is a wonder for  the seasoned eye to behold.. The tech sheet and year/make model for near all of the parts could fill pages. One cant help but ask dumb-ass questions like, what’s the XA part, the WL part, what’s the front end from? The questions go on for hours, I mean – you know  -if you are an enthusiast, you cant help but get lost in the details and beautiful (and rare) parts. I will say this – give  Jon, the designer and builder major props for taking a bunch of buckets of bolts of all different years and models and coming up with a super clean, very unique and far out machine. He is also patient as a saint when it comes to answering all of the quesions, that have no doubt been asked a million times before.

I hope you enjoy checking out Jon’s bike as much as I enjoyed shooting it. ..there is so much going on with it..I’ve got alot of detailed shots in the can, so if there is something you’d like to see in greater detail, let me know. – stephen berner

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