Kraus Motor Company: 3060

I set out to create this machine believing that things can always be done better.  I decided to not just order the parts I needed, but to build them.  I ‘d been dreaming up the front suspension for a while, and decided this was the time to act. While in the design phase we decided to keep the chopper spirit.  All extraneous items and parts went out the window including triple trees. The bike started taking shape and from the 30˚ High bars to the open primary drive and electric start assembly – the many custom made parts reflect my original thought. The bike enjoys a low stance and is comfortable to ride. 3060 is open and mechanical but embraces the spirit of technology, and reinterprets the past in a new way.

The 69 80” Panhead motor with S&S cases and STD heads, five speed trans, sprocket brake, and 40 spoke wheels sit in a custom rigid gooseneck style frame producing an aggressive stance.  The front end is a triple tree-less neck with an original front suspension system utilizing small leaf springs that ride directly on the rocker arms making for a clean look and little un-sprung weight.  The hand controls are also a unique lever-less system. The right hand control is an internal twist throttle and front brake.  As you roll the grip back it revs the RPMs, return to idle position then roll the grip forward and it engages the front brake.  On the left hand is the internal twist clutch.  The combination makes a very clean usable package.  Every part on this bike has been thought of, each redesigned and massaged to fit the overall composition.  The whole bike was custom fabricated manually.  Every part captures a feeling of hand made craftsmanship. – Satya Kraus

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