Kraus Motor Company: the DYNA

I have a lot of full custom bikes and love to ride them but with that much work and time invested it’s hard to take them out and beat ‘em up on a daily basis.  I set out to have a stocker that was for the most part, replaceable. I started this project with a ugly, heavy, 1999 Harley Dyna.  First thing to go was the front end, which I replaced with a inverted sport bike model, running big radial brakes.

Set up with a set of Black Bike Aluminum spoke wheels and some oversize Ohlins shocks on the rear, this bike sticks.  The only frame modification was cutting the rear fender struts short and removing the oversize square box on the side of the bike that held all the electrical junk.  I beat out aluminum panels to thin out the look of the center of the bike under the seat, and fashioned an aluminum tail section to give a dirt bike feel.  I fabricated the gas tank, and a simple set of mid controls.  Obie Beaver hand tooled a killer Gucci seat.

I sourced the Acerbis LED headlight and some cool parts from Jason at MX1West, attending to the details.  With Brembo hand controls and a few little pieces here and there, I was ready to head off to Sturgis.  The bike performed great and got plenty of looks.  The Ohlins rear suspension and upside-down front end, not to mention a lot of brakes, has put the Dyna in a whole other riding bracket. Able to lie the bike over in a corner and not worry about the kickstand or controls slapping the ground gives the competent rider piece of mind and confidence.Satya Kraus

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