No.3 by Flatiron Mike

I could write a bunch of crap about this bike, but then – why? It’s been featured in a few magazines (yea, the print stuff you buy) of note, most recently in the September 2009 issue of American Iron.

Personally, I don’t think that the images in the magazine or the article did a particularly good job of expressing the owner/builders mindset, nor do the images inspire – and this IS a very inspiring bike to behold in person… So, I axed Flatiron Mike if I could shoot it, he said “why yes” and here we are. Blame the nautical theme on me… a little contrived, but still kinda cool. Call me on it if it is hokey…save me from myself hokey-ass self.

Rough in all the right places, Mike did a really nice job of bringing his sensibilities and values to the table.. I mean, really – who is going to mate a Flathead, a 6sp Baker Trans/kick and retain the original braking system – Flatiron Mike – that’s who!!!

Check ‘im out, yea

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