Abandoned America 1

America is a bit of a mess these days.

We’ve sold off  and shuttered our industrial heart, the very thing that gave us the power to beat back the devils of adversity before.

Why, what the hell were we thinking?

We sold the soul of America in the bargain for greater efficiency and EDLP, every day low price….

We shuttered our industry, off-shored our manufacturing and industry and I’ve seen the results of this , and it aint so good, let me tell you.

As a matter of fact, I think it sucks. Plants and places of work that use to buzz like hives are fallow..slated to be knocked down and paved over, and turned into parking lots…or not. All the machinery has been passed offshore, sold or junked for scrap. Houses and retail stores abandoned, businesses closed. Big empty spaces full of industry’s ghosts.

What’s up with that? It is almost as if we are ashamed of the big things we did that got us here.. we used to make stuff, we were cool, we worked with our hands….

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