Anaconda Brass: Images by Stephen Berner

Anaconda Brass.
Waterbury, CT

The Anamet, Inc. property is located at 698 South Main Street in Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut. The 17.6-acre property is occupied by three buildings and is currently operated by Anamet, Inc. The property is bordered to the north by Jewelry Street; to the east by South Main Street; to the south by commercial property; and to the west by the Naugatuck River.

Since the 1850s, the property has been used for industrial purposes. From 1928 to the present, Anamet, Inc. has manufactured metal hoses on site. Some of the metal hose product is subsequently covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Anamet, Inc. uses the following on-site processes: welding, sheet metal forming, deburring, machining, acid or alkali bath cleaning, and pickling. On-site processes utilize a variety of chemicals including machine oils, acid and alkali cleaners, and solvents. Solvents have historically contained the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) 1,1,1-trichloroethane, (1,1,1-TCA), tetrachloroethane (PCA), and Freon.

Groundwater is present in stratified drift overburden beneath the property at depths of 15 to 20 feet below ground surface and flows easterly toward the Naugatuck River and southerly toward the Mad River. The nearest private well is located approximately 0.45 miles southwest of the Anamet, Inc. property. The nearest public well is located approximately 3.1 miles southeast of the property and is part of the Prospect Water Department supply system. An estimated 13,277 people rely on groundwater sources located within 4-radial miles of the Anamet, Inc. property for drinking water. A number of monitoring wells are located on the property. Groundwater samples have been collected which document contamination with VOCs (including 1,1,1-TCA, PCA, and their breakdown products) and metals (including arsenic, cadmium, copper, and zinc). No known drinking water wells have been affected by the contamination. Runoff from the property flows westward via storm drains to the Naugatuck River.

No surface water drinking water intakes are located downstream of the Anamet, Inc. property. Recreational fisheries are located downstream of the property. Sensitive environments within the 15-mile downstream surface water pathway include the Naugatuck State Forest. No downstream sediment or surface water samples have been collected to assess possible releases from the Anamet, Inc. property. Groundwater, with metals concentrations which exceed 10 times Acute Aquatic Toxicity Criteria, discharges to the Naugatuck River adjacent to the Anamet, Inc. property. CT DEP stated that dilution should mitigate any impact to the Naugatuck River. Anamet, Inc. employs approximately 250 workers.

Access to the property is restricted by fences and gates, with the exception of the bank of the Naugatuck River. The nearest residence to the former Anamet, Inc. property is located within 200 feet of the property. An estimated 16,181 people live within 1-radial mile of the property. An estimated 135,176 people live within 4-radial miles of the former Anamet, Inc. property. No complaints regarding air quality or violations of existing air discharge permits were found in available files.