CasCo.the hot visit

Holy mother of Toledo, was it hot the day i got access to shoot the third and final installment of the CasCo series.   Holy shit it was hot in that building. It was so goddamn hot, that in an hour and a half, I sweated all the way the clothes i was wearing and finally gave up trying to keep from sweating all over my gear. My shoes were filling with was bad. I can vouch for the durability of Nikon gear after this year…the shit is made right.

It was gross, my camera was soaked, no way i could reasonably change lenses without getting poo in my camera delicate guts (still didnt stop me), i was dehydrated, the air sucked, the place was full of dust and airborne crap from all of the abatement that had taken place (uh, not exactly under code spec’s), and it was too stifling to wear a mask… but i knew that i needed to get this done, and the opportunity was too important to give up.

Something is going on with this site, there has just been too much activity here lately, and it never goes good when people begin paying attention to places like this…as they usually raze them outright rather than try to rehab. The bricks are probably worth more than the building.

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