CasCo.the warm visit

After an “exterior only” wintertime visit to the grounds of the once mighty CasCo company site,  I decided to see what was happening once warmer weather had come on the scene …I knew from a few quick recon trips by the site, that abatement was underway (the removal of asbestos) and i was curious to see what the interior of the structures looked like as the buildings were huge – a full city block of interconnected warehouse type space.

Pretty cool to see just how big these places are when you are used to offfice buildings and smaller modern structures. So through a bit of slight of hand and magic cape chicanery, I found myself inside the complex and captured the images you see here. I wound up making one more trip to CasCo later in the summer and that set will be name – CasCo Hot, because it was hot as shit and i damn near gakked from heat stroke.

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