Circuit Board City

Circuit Board City (my name) is a closed plant that used to manufacture circuit boards for a variety of industries.
It is a dangerous site in the middle of what i would characterize as a heavily/densely populated part of the world.
There is crap and danger and all sorts of vile fluids everywhere and its not a place you’d ever want to spend much time.

So I didnt.         I was in and out.

Holes in the celling and visible dust particulate in the air require you wear a mask,
add a boiling hot day to the mix and you and all you want –  is to have your body steam cleaned after you’ve emerged from this place.

I feel for the folks that live nearby and for the abatement and hazardous waste disposal workers that will have to come and clean this shit up someday.

Onc again, I am witness to the unreal mess that people are simply willing to leave behind for others to deal with. Assholes.