State Hospital:: Staff Housing

On the grounds of Fairfield Hills Hospital, there was for select staff, separate and private housing available from the dorms most stayed in. These town houses were the domain of the Doctors and important full time staff at the “Hills”… and were in the day…. quite desirable

Here’s a recollection from someone who knows Fairfield Hills:

ALYSSA – Reflection 2006

I’ve been interested in Fairfield Hills since I was a little girl. For me it wasn’t the same curiosity that strikes most people. For me, it is the pure fact that I have a connection there… inside those buildings. No, I was never a patient there, but my brother was, and on February 12, 1990 he committed suicide in the adolescent psychiatric ward. My family had an ongoing wrongful death suit, and that has never been resolved.

My brother took his life in his room and wasn’t found until 8 hours after he had passed away. The staff there were also the ones who gave him the tools to kill himself, and ignored his suicidal behaviors. When my brother was at Fairfield Hills, he was drugged up and put through many different kinds of therapy. I believe that suicide would not have been his fate, if it weren’t for how he was treated and neglected there, at Fairfield Hills.

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