Government Supplied Housing/ HUD

Government Supplied Housing/ HUD

So do you wonder where your hard earned tax dollars wind up being spent?

Do you wonder about those ill-fated programs of the 1960’s that somehow gave us all the impression and fueled the entitlement attitude  – that we had a god given right to quality housing and that if it couldn’t be gotten personally, that the government would supply it,

Nice – yeah, looking back Welfare and Public Assistance really worked didn’t it? Hmm..maybe not so much… hmm maybe it created this self perpetuating welfare state, and in the process keeping the corrections and jailing industry healthy and well fed.

I don’t buy conspiracy theories as a rule, but when i see the legacy of our political decisions and just how far off the rails they went before they imploded, my NYC neck hairs get a  ‘raisin’.

This area, this goddamn mess  – is in a quality part of the world, all around it up until maybe 20 years ago, was a nice working class neighborhood that grew up around some industry and manufacturing plants.

Well as it turn out, these plants did some fucked up shit environmentally, they were bad places, dangerous places to work and bad places to live near –  and they had no place being in what had become a residential part of the world, NOT an industrial one. Times had changed, you just couldn’t dump your life threatening heavy-metals and crap in the sewer anymore. Bummer, life was better when it was so much simpler, right?

Well and this is where it gets good – these companies through mergers, reorganizations, buy-outs and leveraging, became by some magical manner not liable for the shit they left behind – and the neighborhoods turned to shit – due to the fact that the people who worked, had to leave to find work.

And when working people leave a place that is in distress, you know what moves in? The government takes over the neighborhood and repopulates it with “bad seed”. Section 8, HUD housing, welfare homes, mentally ill….uh huh.

Welfare people that don’t give a shit about anything – and they bring in the creme de la creme of the destructive assholes –  Illegals: Mexicans, Guatemalans, Nicaraguans, Chileans, Peruvians, Haitians, Jamaicans. They got habits , you can tell by their trash; Junkies, Homeless, Meth Heads, Sex workers, Crack Smokers, Muggers, Pirates, Scavengers. They destroy everything they can get their hands on, I’ve seen this before.

What a damn shame…we cant do better than this?  Goddamn-it. You telling me there aren’t some deserving families that we just cant GIVE these places to and allow them to homestead? This is just fucked, no two ways about it and when these buildings get opened up to the elements for any length of time, it will result in them needing to be knocked down – wholly avoidable at this point.

We need to get our shit together: individually, spiritually, governmentally – because allowing this to happen all over our country is just goddamn wrong


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