No.1 Machine Room

The No.1 Machine Room was at one time a single building, inside a thriving, bustling paper mill, located in central New Hampshire. Over time, the mill  turned into a sprawling patchwork of buildings. These industrial environments were rough and tumble places to work – none of the OSHA workplace regulations we have in the industrial workplace today. I could only imagine the “belt-way” that ran throughout this complex powering all of the machines, yikes, talk about danger. The phrase “pay attention” comes to mind. The mill, like many in this area, was powered by a water turbine and had a powerhouse that was coal fired.

Time passed, paper as an industry changed, the mill was abandoned, the equipment sold off to foreign investors and a portion of the decrepit  building was donated to a local theatre troupe.

Today, the Mill is on it’s last legs, a mess, an eyesore to the local community and a dangerous place for trespassers. I suspect when i visit this area next, the No.1 Machine Room and its’s leagcy will be gone, much as teh wrokers who came here every day…back in the day…

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