State Hospital: Norwalk Hall

I found this recollection from a former patient of his time at Fairfield Hills… the building pictured in this Feature was a Staff residence. There were many buildings in this institution, all interconnected by walkways and underground tunnels.

RUSSELL – Adolescent Patient 1990 – 1994
“Probably there aren’t many people who survive their experiences at Fairfield Hills. Many are no longer with us, locked up in another institution, or on the streets that we pass everyday. My memories are very vivid. Many of the people who shared their lives with me come from very broken lives. I don’t know how I survived my four years being institutionalized. For those who may read this or have some curiosity about life in an insane asylum, life here was far from normal. I can still hear, see the sights, and the screams of the kids who were abused, injected with thorizine a.k.a. slow juice, put on all kinds of meds, tied in a four point restraint to a bed, locked up in a cell to unanswered cries of help. It was never a day that this never happen”

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