Nova Dye

Nova Dye was definitely NOT within reason and i didn’t have a clue what I’d find beyond the ”door”, but i jumped on it anyway…it was just too juicy and i was just too itchy.

This place is huge (bigger than a city block) and i stayed close to the perimeter, because i could see from a distance outside the facility that huge sections of the roof on certain floors and sections had collapsed – this place is a time bomb in terms of total collapse and fire, there was alot of asbestos, all kinds of shit hanging and dangling from walls, ceilings, stairwells, open pits of evil liquid in the floor – this place is a big, dangerous fucking mess and has already been designated a SuperFund site. Ya got to love that it is smack dab in the middle of a busy, “lower/poor” cash flow kinda folks neighborhood.

I heard voices walk by as i went about my activities – and not a one of them was English….makes ya wonder, no? …well it makes me wonder…but you knew that…ha! So anyway my first visit to Nova was a totally assault on the senses – this place was simply overwhelming in every way: danger from the environment, photographic beauty, danger from pirates and opportunistic robbers, security – oh man – this was a smorgasboard of “you have got to be kiddng me”.

But the place was amazing and i really think i got the flavor of it captured for you to see (it took two visits)..which is my goal.. I want you the viewer, to feel the way I did when i first explored it myself…. My reaction was …holy shit.

During my second visit, about two hours into my shooting i felt itchy and knew i was being stalked by pirates, they were trying to locate me in the complex but I am patient, and quiet, and i was dressed darkly- and so waited out the bad guys.

It took some time, but i finished my mission, slipped my rig back in its quiver and was infinitely patient as i waited for the perfect moment to exit. There is no bolting in these situations, you need to tuck yourself in an out of the way, scary dark corner – and wait, and be calm.

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