State Hospital:: Shelton House

Administration & Patient Care Building

Linda describes her employment at Fairfield Hills: Linda worked in the Shelton House building on the first and second floors, towards the left inside the front door. The first floor was a locked; (chronic patient) ward and the second floor was a locked (acute patient) ward. Linda worked with all male patients, and approximately 80 total.

There was usually one Occupational Therapist and one Recreation Therapist for each half of the building. The female side was towards the right, inside the front door, and had the same setup with the upstairs locked and first floor open. Even the first floor open wards were locked from 6 PM till 8 AM.

The open ward patients were able to roam the grounds, as they liked after their meds (taking their medications) in the morning. These patients were usually the ones who were likely to be there for life, not a risk to themselves or others, and many of them had no where else to go, Fairfield Hills was their home.

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