Belt Key Fob – 1977 Penny Fob Series

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This is a unique, one of a kind belt/key fob. You can attach wallet chains, key rings or other stuff to it, it’s a nice change from the “norm”. The color is a burgundy, maroon deal with a black edge and white thread.

The hardware is brass – a traditional type of hook and trigger design – a lot of folks simply love these types of clasps for keys. and so – here they are! Its an old school design for sure – lots of “supers” have ’em. These good ones have a swivel.

I’ve been working on coming up with a variety of designs for fobs and this is the 5th generation. I’ve only made a few of these, so if you like ’em, come and get ’em – I won’t make this design again – this is the extent of the hardware I’ve got.

The year of the penny is- > 1977

Each of these Fobs has a one of a kind domed old copper penny , something that you will not see anywhere else. The attachment for the brass key clip is a doubled up piece of chrome tan leather and mission grain pigskin that has been glued and stitched together with a simple purple thread. – very subtle, very strong.

These fobs are lined on the side that faces your belt. the rear strap is natural veg tan that wont mark or mar your pants – these stinkers will last a lifetime and look perfect as they age., This is a nice looking accessory for your belt – different enough to be noticed, cool enough to be distinctive.

They are tight to your belt, things only do one thing over time… loosen up.. so i figure that a bit tight in the beginning means you’ll have it a good long time. so – no bitching that its tight – i know.

I also make knife and tool sheaths from heavy weight vegetable tanned cowhide. I’ve made guitar straps, leashes and wristbands – all with a different look and design as your commonly used to seeing. If you’re looking for something you don’t see, ask. I am always up for a challenge, within reason.

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