3 Guys from PA – Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show 2009

As a preface to this series from the Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show  and  being the type of enthusiast I am, i start my perusing tour of a bike show out in the street, looking for what i refer to as “street meat”. I KNOW what is going to be inside at the show: cool bikes, crowds around the bikes, darkness and stuff basically we’ve all seen or heard about before. What you don’t see inside at a bike show is the real art of the deal…the backyard craftsman, small shop chop. I love “builder and designer bikes” like all the rest of us, but really can’t relate to high-dollar collectables. Sure I can enjoy them and appreciate the talent involved, but that is not where i live.

I live in the street and so do the machines I enjoy most.

These three bikes were at the BIBS, parked in the street, the 3 pals (young guys) who rode in from PA were just chilling before the festivities got started.  I dig the bikes – they all have tons of character and the fact that they traveled some distance from PA on them, makes it even better in my book of cool. – Stephen Berner