Road Glide Hot Rod

Another bike in Chucky’s stable is his day to day ride, a Hot Rod Road Glide. Now here in the East, the Road Glide is not as such a common sight as it is in der Vest. Actually Chucky is the only only Road Glider amongst a gaggle of ElectraGlide pilots. Do you think he cares?  Hello…this is Chucky we are talking about, he doesnt even care what he thinks! He knows what he’s got.

All the little stuff, and more big stuff has been modified, replaced with better and blacked out, covered up or tossed out. Fancy wheels, fancy brakes, fancy exhaust, motor worked to the hilt by Dr. Rosa, this bike flies on the street. He has all of the detachable crap, toupak, 2-up seat for Bon, his handler – so in an instant, he is set up for road trippin’. He digs his Grey Ghost.

Anyway there is a great story behind the genesis of him getting this bike…and sho nuff, the story starts in a casino where Chucky wins a bike at a Poker table – I shit thee not. He didn’t win this bike…but then that is another story…. that i need permission to tell…

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