Two Brothers Garage Build pt1

One of the best parts of my job comes from finding and being introduced to things in the most unexpected of places. I’ve always been curious regarding what people are building and producing in their own shops, on their own time, while following their own path. In rural New England, I was introduced by Lock Baker from Eastern Fabrications to 2 brothers (accompanied by their friend and customer) who are truly doing it old school, in their own way, innovating and making it work – with the barest of resources and tooling, in an unheated garage, with hand tools  – rocks and chisels.

These two young guys have some cool and different ideas and they are not afraid to put in the time to make it right and to make sure it is true to the vision they have in their heads.  Learning the craft of fabrication as they go along has brought them under the tutelage and expert eye of Lock, who lends his counsel, tools and shop in a generous manner – paying it forward, as we that are fortunate, should.

These two bikes are going to be ridden to Sturgis this year I am told. Fun to see them in this stage of creation.  I will check back with the “Brothers Hard-tail” when they are a bit further along in the process!

The wacky Honda is just a fun project that these guys are chomping on, certainly different.. ha!

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