Alex’s bike

I know of Alex and his work from his days with QCC, Queens County Cycle. Back in 2004 I met Alex when i was producing a Bike Show  in NYC called the Gotham Motorcycle Classic (held on the aircraft carrier Intrepid in Manhattan) and Alex and his crew showed up with some pretty cool machines – in a wide range of styles – from conservative restorations to some nutty chops and customs.

I saw Alex’s personal ride at the time – I believe it was a KLR 650 drop seat street bomber conversion. the bike was crazy, but cool crazy, smart crazy – and that was my intro to Alex’s style and vision, as well as his fine fabrication and design capabilities. I love the strong, no fuck around, utilitarian look of his work, the hidden and slick touches that show he loves a machine – and all of the fabrication muscle-flexes he builds in with nary a wink to showing-off. I like that Alex uses stock parts where they make sense, a utilitarian and cheapo quality I admire.

Alex is the realio-dealio, a nice guy a talented man and a good representative of the custom bike world. Props to Alex!

So this bike – holy shit, where to start. First off, it looks like a custom right off the bat…kind of easy to dismiss in its plain jane paint and lack of bling or eye candy. I am guilty of at first, walking by the machine…not taking notice because it was surrounded by all kinds of other shiny things.

So, lets take look, first off  – what is this safety wired construction?  What is that motor? Outside oilers cleverly hidden! Look at those triple trees! H-D rims, kick/elec start, Baker trans, handmade pegs/controls, that frame! those pipes! those rear axle adjusters! AN fittings on the oil filter mount,  steering dampner, Rivera clutch/belt drive, PM brakes….on and on, the closer you look, the more you see….

So – the way it looks to me is that this bike is a killer NYC sleeper, it doesn’t bother to brag, it just goes, stops and handles like a monkey on meth…it must be a blast to ride around NYC. Nice job Alex!

One last word – this bike show was basically held in a cave – and a small cave at that. I really couldn’t work my way around the bikes and needless to say, the crowds didn’t help. So I apologize for teh lack of full shots and walk-arounds. In true 45dgree style, I got what I could manage, and was happy to capture anything at all…

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