Copeland’s butterscotch beauty

Another outstanding bike seen at the Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show. No  information anywhere near the bike makes it difficult to pay deserved props to the builder and painter…so as the sytle here at 45dgree, I am going to make up a name – the “Butterscotch Beauty”. Don’t like it? tough! Monster 23″ front wheel on a cut down springer (looks that way anyway), small back hoop – cool, but silly Wassel tank, magneto, great sissy bar – all the parts are there and perfectly balanced. Love the Magura master cylinder reservoir..ha!

I really liked this bike, nothing contrived or out of place – really done well. Props to the builder of the “butterscotch beauty”

So – did some research and got this off the website for the BIBS show….. and learned this about the builder,  John Copeland…
I’m 33, been riding and working on bikes since I was 15. Born in San Luis Obispo, CA. Worked at the local independent H-D shop in high school.
Went to art school at CCA in oakland from 94-98.
Finished school summer of 98 I moved to NYC, into a commercial area of Brooklyn, above what was to become our shop. Had my painting studio on the top floor.
Met Neil Fenton sometime around then at the Cherry Tavern in the east village, only other person at the time I knew who had a Triumph, let alone a bike.
Met Kevin Orangers around then too, he was had just picked up his motor from Larry.
Eventually we took over the whole bottom floor of the building and got more serious about doing full custom builds.
I make my living with the artwork, the bikes are purely for myself.
You can see my work here:

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