Bonnie’s Sportster

Meet Bonnie, wife of Chucky, oh my ,  she is a patient saint!  Bonnie is cool, she’s a Mom, a Grandma, a rider, a true biker spirit – she has spent more time on bikes road tripping perched on the back of old Sportster based customs in the 70’s & 80’s with Chucky with a towel as a seat, than most modern day riders have on their trailered Lardtails

So a few years ago Bon decided she wanted to ride her own bike. She’d  gotten the itch after all these  years –  so she went and did  it!!!. Now keep in mind that when she and Chucky go away on road trips, they still ride 2-up on Chucky’s RoadGlide….  so she wanted a light day tripper and she is small in stature (5’2″) – so that meant a Sportster.

So, to remedy the lack o’ power – Mr & Mrs Chucky went and got this 1200 EFI super duper stinker – and she loves it to death. You’ll notice it is NOT all accessorized with crap. Bonnie doesnt roll that way. Her goal is to wear it out, not to find a way to turn 10K bike into a 30K bike.

As a note, Bonnie doesnt ride in flip flops…lol and was none too happy having to pose on the bike…ha…no cheesecake from Bon!

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