Frankenstein: Chucky’s custom

Located in the Northeast, Chucky is a long time dedicated enthusiast who built Frankenstein back in 1996, when bikes that were frame-up constructs were a little tougher assignment to tackle than they are today. Prior to this build he had built a shovel powered, super-low FX swingarm frame custom (an early Ness frame with thin tubing!) that had a lot of the feel that this bike has.

If I can find a picture of the “Blue bike” with all of its Perewitz finery and gold leaf accents I will post it, but Blue was the donor for some of the key parts on the bike you see here. The blue bike was the lowest bike I’d ever seen that could actually be ridden, and it got plum ridden-out.. resulting in an upgrade to the Evo powerplant and the build of this bike.

That monster Vertex/Karata magneto,  Dell’Orto carb as well as the wheels and first generation Performance Machine brakes were donated from Blue – these parts powered Chucky’s old shovel for many a year and since they were already engraved (as every custom should be) and were in perfect order, they were used.

The aftermarket softail frame was sourced and modified heavily. Ness contributed key parts to this build – the TailDragger fender and Sport fender front – both period pieces at this point.  The tank was a big deal to do… I could ramble on more about the parts list, but why? Every piece has been massaged and tweaked to fit. The bike looks like an integrated whole, not easy to do with such massive components and hand tools.

The paint, ahhh. The paint was courtesy of Schaefer Pete, a local legend. I think like 200 rolls of tape were used in masking this masterpiece of the flamer’s art. Check it out – NO pinstripes either. This job is perfect, it doesn’t need pinstripes to hide fumbles and poor taping skills… Pete was indeed a master. This was the last flame job he did.

So when the bike was complete, Chucky proceeded to ride the snot out of it, it was his only bike and he is a rider so the bike saw alot of use…potholes, dings and dents from use.. all contribute to a great period piece and a rider built backyard custom…

Subsequently a year or so when this bike was complete, Chucky picked up a bagger to give Frankenstein (and his aching back) a break. No more road tripping for Frankenstein (I mean, could you imagine trying to pack anything on this bike??), it is relegated to close squadron runs from here on out.

Funny to think that this bike is already 13yrs old. Seems like yesterday we were grinding through starter ring gears trying to suss out a final drive set up that hadnt been done before, fun stuff, good