NYC Underground

So I am a shutterbug, I am a NYC’er, I love adventure, I absolutely love doing cool weird off the wall stuff, and I happen to know that Mr. Bigglesworth can dish up some adventure few can – a tour of the underground world of NYC – the trains and tracks that crisscross under NY – the freaking subway…really an ancient place if you think about it…  I asks, can ya, can ya -huh, huh….”yea, ok” he says…and we set it on the calendar.

Well we went on tour of some really cool spots. I was blown away. After getting a rundown on safety precautions (this is a place you want to play safe and NOT fuck around), we were on our way. I will say it again – this is a dangerous place and you do NOT want to try this  on your own, actually – you really don’t want to do it all. OK? Capiche?

In a word – wow – this is a photog’s dreamland with the right gear and surprisingly complex and interesting in almost every regard. Alot of history in terms of hieroglyphs, eye candy, and sense of being in the true heart of the beast all registered on me. But, make no mistake this is a  place you’ve got to pay major attention.. and in this regard, I give Bigs major props – he has been down in the tube before, knows how to handle himself and I thank him for giving this NYC native a safe thrill few have had. It was really cool and I hope to go back someday…it was that nuts and that cool.

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