Rumblers. 12th Annual Hot Rod & Custom Show. August 2011

Attended the 12th annual Rumblers show. It was a goodie…but it’s going to become a victim of its own success

I had a strange experience –  i got to the show about 10am.
Not too early, normally i’d have liked to have gotten in much earlier – but things at home prevented that from happening.
About 3hrs into walking around, saying hello to some friends and shooting most of the images you see here,
I realized my moves were being stalked by a shit load of people with DSLR type cameras and video rigs.

I mean, there was an army of people with cameras, it was weird – kind of like a frenzy… strange, like one of those “photo tour” things.
So I did what i had to do (shoot a feature for IronWorks Magazine) and headed home…….













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