Rumblers, Brooklyn, 8.09

The Rumblers are a car club in NYC, They are self described “hot rod hooligans”. Not  the scary kind of Hooligans – mind you, they actually seem like a pretty good bunch of enthusiasts, and they certainly draw a wide variety of machines to their yearly bash, held under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE for the locals). You have to know the place  to appreciate the utter urban-ness of it all…perfect!

The location is great in every regard – but for photography. The place is like a crowded cave, this year it was a dark wet crowded  cave, with lots of big people milling about looking at the machines. This place is actually a PITA to get a decent clean shot of a car. They are parked on top of each other, and with all of the owners and guests milling about, and it’s dark – ugh!

Anyway – enjoy, there are some cool machines to see and I will be adding to the Feature for awhile ( I have lots of cool stuff to share), so check  back

DSC_0398 copy

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