Pocket Wallets

Pocket wallets, my own design – a staple of my stock for years – still a winner – still as handy as ever.  I make each myself, by hand.

I don’t make them much anymore, and wanting to keep affordable things in stock, i thought I’d revisit them, with a fresh eye. Simplify them a little bit, lowered the cost, etc… I really do want more people carrying my goods and I know cost is a barrier to entry, so here ya go!

This series of pocket wallet sare  pretty cool, pretty different – a little rough, a little sophisticated, super deep colors – these will age wonderfully. I suspect the colors will blend and overall will fade over time. I was pretty heavy handed with the topcoat, so they should keep their shine and be tough for a long time.

Made from veg-tan leather and lined, these are tough and good looking. Snaps are  brass snap – simple and durable.


pocket wallet 8.back


pocket wallet 8
Pocket wallet/ card cases hold a few credit cards, some business cards – this is not a “Costanza” (check “Seinfeld) and if you stuff it like George would, you will rip it. Take a few cards, not a stack – fold a few bills into the money clip and you are set. Let me say something about fit here… this case is tight, things are not loose or sloppy – like I said tight.

Why, you might ask?

Well leather stretches, and better to start tight, IMSHO, and work your way to loose over time.. rather than starting off loose and getting sloppy. if you really cant handle the tightness, stuff it full of those “fake credit cards, the gift ones – take the stuffed wallet – and run it under warm water until it is pretty wet – then let it air dry (NO SUN or heat guns!!) for 3 days – hang it to dry, let it dry naturally, pull out the cards when you are done, and you will be rewarded with a form fit piece of kit, you had a hand in customizing.

The money clip on the back of this unit is a killer – you will NOT bend it or break it – guaranteed. That alone is worth the price of admission!

A good money clip is a rare, and this is the one you’ve always wanted, its a Duckbill!
Handily – the clip is removable from the case- if you ever want to “decouple”.

So there you have it, the Pocket Wallet – fresh new edition!

LADIES, LADIES – remember, this isn’t for Mens only! – this is for you too, you can throw this in your purse -it is a handy – “cash and cards” solution!

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