The Split – a very custom, one-off, Bass or Guitar Strap

The Split – a very custom, one-off, Bass or Guitar Strap


I’ve started  applying the same style of decoration and construction to instrument straps that I have to my belts – and I have to say,  the results are good.

I was trying to get a type of Fender, tobacco sunburst look and I think I came close – and the color looks even better in person. I’ve top coated this sucker pretty seriously, so it comes to you with a nice shine that I hope you’ll scuff up and wear off!

Its made of tough 8-10oz veg tan leather that I’ve lined with black “jacket” leather – the same thick stuff that Langlitz uses – tough and soft. Ive stitched it on my new machine with 277 white thread and the rear strap has a beautiful buckle with a cool set of keepers attached that i can mount to the spot that makes the most sense, given your specific measurements – meaning – this strap will be tailored to you. I am going to put it together with the pieces you see here  – so you can be sure I will accommodate your range of frequently used lengths. If you use a wireless rig, we can figure out how best to secure it for you…

The brass buckle is a solidly made sweetie that will patina up just right, the same stuff that Dooney & Bourke (fancy handbag makers) uses!

The front strap (thick part that goes from the front of your instrument to over your shoulder ) measures 3″ wide x 45″ long. I broke it into two pieces, one part is stitched with white thread, the other (on your back) is not. stitched. The rear strap measures 1″ wide by 24″ long.  The contrast stands out.

This strap is really a beauty, it’ll last lifetimes and I can set if up with strap locks if that your thing – just send them to me:  I don’t stock them, there are simply too many types. I can also punch holes in it, but i wont do that until you tell me where you want them…, its why i show the strap in pieces.

This is the shite for a bass player, but since i don’t discriminate, I’d say it it’ll also kick butt for a 6-stringer too!

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