The Throne-istan Hand Tooled Toilet Seat by steveb leatherworks

REPEAT!@ : rant mode on: so the holidays are coming and the shopping season is revving up into high gear.

Now I know that many of the gifts we get for folks are “must haves – like droopy drawers”, but in the instances where you are buying a discretionary gift – please consider voting with your wallet for the American small business person and hand craftspeople who depend on your vote.

Support craftspeople not because you feel pity for them in their “David & Goliath” battle for your wallets attention in the shopping season,  but because you want to give a high quality, unique, handmade gift, that is made right here in the USA, by an American’s own two hands
Buying unique gifts this way does a lot of good for all involved and you can be assured, at least from me anyway, that you are getting my best effort and that I will work with you to insure you are happy – and most of all, that the recipient of the item I make, will be thrilled.

Screw Walmart and the “made somewhere else” shit we’ve been taught to buy and accept. Support American, support the crafts and support, the talented people that will bust their ass to make sure you are happy, and appreciate the hell out of your support.

ok, that’s that – so anyway……..

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The Throne-istan Hand Tooled Toilet Seat by steveb leatherworks


The Throne-istan is a killer style trend just a waiting to happen. Be the first on your block, or in the world for that matter with a steveb leatherworks hand-tooled oak, toilet seat. This is the first one out of the shop and based on the amount of work (and mess), they will be a limited edition offering.

Now to be specific – the seat itself is not tooled (I’ve been told by my Litigation and Leagality dept, that’d be gross) – but the seat lid has a hand tooled, leather, inlaid inset. I used a router to relieve the top of the seat so the double thick 10oz. leather panel lays flush with the lid top. This is one thick and heavy leather construction – you can feel it in the lid.. With the panel laying flush, i made a leather bezel that is both glued and nailed (using upholstery nails).
The colors on this seat are cool and kooky, they shift chameleon like depending on the color and nature of the light that hits it. If you have a toilet near a window – this would be the spot to put this piece of art – with light hitting this lid – it is insane- truly one of a kind coloration. I don’t know if I could duplicate it if I wanted to. There is a lot going on, with fades, masks, etc.

The stamping style I invented is something that you just won’t see anywhere else. I have a distinctive style that uses basic and traditional Western/Sheridan Style carving in unusual and unique ways. It riffs off of Western, dabbles with native American arts, Polynesian design and has a splash of biker thrown in for durability in construction and clarity of purpose.
Now with all that said, if you wanted a custom Throne-istan: let me know.

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