The Zion – a beautiful & durable case for paper maps & other stuff from SteveB Leatherworks

DSC_5822 DSC_5823 DSC_5831 DSC_5844 DSC_5847This is a good gift for the guy or gal who needs “not a thing” and travels on a bike, or drives and digs paper maps. The SteveB map case is good looking unit, perfect for the saddlebag, under your car seat, in the door pouch, etc. You can put maps, a GPS (egads), a pad a few hi-liters, a lighter in it, like I do – and it is super duper really neato , in a utilitarian manner, of course.

Perfect (if i may dare say), its measurements are :(closed) 4.5 x 10 x 1.5


This unit is made from gorgeous and tough chrome-tanned leather, the very same leather that Langlitz jackets are made from (go look up Langlitz if ya don’t git it!). This is one tough case that will hold just the right amount of map-age you’ll ever need on a road trip and you can even stuff other stuff in it too, honest!

The case is fully lined with a heavyweight deerskin, the leather is heavier than I am accustomed to using and its, glued and stitched AND riveted with burr & stake rivets. It is an overkill unit and even the snaps are doubled up and tight brass Line24 snaps.

The deerskin lining came from a fellow leather-crafters shop. This gentleman was killed on his bike by a teenage texter – let that be a warning to us.  I helped his widow sort through and find homes for some of his equipment (am still doing that)… and out of 100+ pieces of quality leather he had squirreled away for future use, this was the ONLY piece that survived basement storage – the rest was moldy and basically hazardous – what a shame.

So – i thought to myself, what the hell am i going to do with this heavy deerskin? How could i best pay homage to this 2-wheel, leathercrafting peer of mine? How could i accord him ongoing respect and even better – let his spirit tag along on great 2-wheel adventures? I KNOW my map cases travel far and wide and thought this would be the perfect medium for spirit and karmic transportation.
So – if you are lucky enough to purchase one of these map cases – i expect you to use it and ride with it on your bike – you’ll have a biker spirit, a good man, a family guy and a leathercrafter with you – if that’s not cool, pass on the bag – i want these to go to real riders and travelers. I’ve even put a map in it to get you started…….

And just saying…I have tried to kill an early prototype of this bag design and after 6 years, it continues to take a good licking in the tourpak and truck in the off season.

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