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The Hypercharger -ah yes. It’s a well known and recognized bolt on H-D accessory that was gestated in the 1990’s – and widely mocked by most everyone I know. It was reminiscent of a JC Whitney part that belonged on a VW, not on a H-D , with its faux performance promise.

I always thought the Hypercharger was a mistake – like a bad set of fakies, akin to a hollow Magnusson supercharger coming out of the hood of a Dodge Dart with a pussycat slant 6.  Just bad – all fake and riffing off of the wrong cues.
Cyril Huze, proclaimed influencer, taste maker and pundit, shares on his blog about the newly “reimagined” and infamous, but oft-reviled Hypercharger (thumbnail above) in context of a Donnie Smith custom bagger for Sturgis :

One of the main focal points on the purpose-built bagger is the freshly reimagined Hypercharger™ ES air cleaner. Symbolizing the evolution of one of Kuryakyn’s most iconic products, the Hypercharger ES features a radical new design with state-of-the-art electronic throttle response butterfly engagement. The integrated servomotor actuates the butterflies with every twist of the throttle, creating an interactive experience with the motorcycle that’s unlike anything available.

I think I barfed a little.

I can almost forgive Donnie Smith, it’s business and this is a big accessory company that has influence… and so he needs to play ball – they are the customer and Sturgis is a big deal money wise, but really a Hypercharger?

I was hoping the company with all of its girth, internationality and resources could have moved on and created something really new, cool and of value from both utilitarian and performance perspectives.

The Hypercharger has been a visual barnicular sore on the carb side of amateur bolt on custom jobs since the 1990’s. It needs to go away – and the people who think it’s a beauty of a bolt on accessory need to be reeducated.

Go get thee some innovation and fresh ideas – eh?

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